Trading Places: Brisbane Lions

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How do you replace champions? This is a question the Lions will have to answer if they want to see finals action consistently over the next few years. Inspirational captain Jonathan Brown appears likely to retire at season’s end unless Michael Voss’s replacement can talk him into one more preseason. Simon Black is another who may retire and considering his premiership experience and standing in the game will be another significant loss. The good news about replacing Black is that the Lions do have a reasonably solid young core of midfielders to share the load. Rockliff, Rich and Redden look to lead this charge and will be assisted by Sam Mayes and Ryan Harwood amongst others.

Several players that are unlikely to be around to lend a hand will be Patrick Karnezis and possibly Jared Polec. Karnezis is said to have expressed his desire to return home and be closer to his family while Polec is a high draft choice yet to cement his place in the side that may also look to facilitate a move interstate.

Replacing Brown will prove to be a much harder task considering the position he plays along with the leadership and presence he provides for the club. Will Brisbane be one of the teams who consider trading for boom teenager Tom Boyd? They stand to be a team that can provide assets to satisfy the holder of pick one. Having recently inked Ruckman Matthew Leuenberger to a long term extension Brisbane may be able to package his understudy Billy Longer along with a first round pick (pick 6 at time of writing) or another player. All of these matters will need to be addressed by the new coach after round 23.

Trade hypotheticals:

(Pick numbers are approximate until draft order is confirmed by the AFL)

1. Billy Longer and 1st round pick (~6) to GWS for 1st round pick (1) taking Tom Boyd.

2. Patrick Karnezis to Collingwood for 2nd round pick (~31).

3. Jared Polec and 2nd round pick (~25) to Melbourne for James Frawley.

Agree or disagree? Have a better idea for a trade? Do the Lions have what it takes to get Boyd? Comment and let us know your thoughts below.

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2 comments on “Trading Places: Brisbane Lions

  1. harry Illy

    Well thats what happens when you don’t manage properly talented players like PK. We are all still trying to understand why he was so suddenly dropped after a big pre season, an exciting NAB carnival and to top it off was in the best against the Bulldogs in Round 1. He has spent all season in the magoos with 35+ possessions per game and never promoted as others were.

    it was so obvious Voss and Co did not like or understand the quality of this kid. Sorry Lions he was too sophisticated, intelligent and too cultured for you all. It is a major loss and I am an old Fitzroy supporter. This will haunt us for a long time!!

  2. Matt

    Jared Polec is from adelaide, and adelaide are all over him.

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